Survey photo 3


Contour and detail surveys are required for most DA applications or developments. These can be provided in a variety of formats to assist your architect or designer.

Setting out of proposed buildings for construction
Formwork check prior to concrete pour
Identification surveys
Flood surveys, level / AHD surveys
Boundary establishment
Cost efficient creation of easements
Specialised systems providing the most cost-efficient solution for project home builders
Development applications and statements of environmental effects


PCA surveys for Net Lettable Area (NLA) and other lease area surveys
Terrestrial scanning
Specialist tilting device
Stratum and strata subdivisions

Property Development

Specialist titling advice for developers / clients to avoid costly pitfalls and delays
Liaison with councils and government departments
Stratum / part strata titling solutions
Strata title subdivisions
Torrens title subdivisions
Community title subdivisions
Assistance with due diligence for high value property acquisitions

Construction & Engineering

Civil engineering setout
Building construction setout
As-built surveys
Works as executed surveys for civil works
3D laser scanning for building facades, terrain modeling and specialist solutions
Volume surveys for excavation and filling
Due diligence and compliance monitoring
Comprehensive preliminary and post construction site and boundary investigations


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